Run for your life away from a sentient jungle growing in your garden!



Made for , Week 7, with the theme 'Overgrown'.


  • Art - Anja 'Aishteru' Lumholtz
  • Programming - Thomas 'Tom01098' Humphreys


  • Audio - Christopher 'Rhobi' Robayna



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It looks like you all worked really well as a team! Your end game is so pretty. I love to see the little features that came out of the jam discussions (the keyboard settings and key selections).

The art is lovely, my favorite part is your choice in colors - a warm green with cool red - sweet!

There's also a lot of detail in the audio. One thing I would look at is balancing the sound effects.

Such a cool concept. Again, I can absolutely see this as a typing or keyboard challenge game.

Have you guys played any of these 90's relics?

Thank you :) Aishteru worked on the art and Rhobi made the sound, but he joined with only a day left to go, so we didn't have time to balance the sounds out

Yes, the choice of colors is really nice, I agree!

I liked how the art is very detailed, with all the animations, and also the game mechanics mixing platform with QTE!

This game would be great with a gamepad too ;)

I was pretty confident about my skills for a few minutes, until one QTE finally got me.

One note about that: the fact that QTE are placed completely randomly (it seems), most of the time they end up not blocking the player path. If you want to keep going with this project, maybe you could place them (or some of them) specifically to block the path. Even maybe sometimes forcing on purpose the player to choose between complicated jumps and a QTE?

Thank you :) Because of the spawning mechanic of the game, the position of the trees is completely random. They're biased towards the centre, but not by much, and if I came back to this game I'd change this a bit

I like the gameplay and the art. I would however advice to keep the camera on the player as sometimes i had to wait several seconds to see the character again wat took the speed a bit out if the game play.

I agree with keeping the camera vertically locked on the player. Currently the player's ability is limited by how far down they can go before they can't see themselves :P

Still, great work though!

Yeah, that was the one problem we couldn't quite fix in dev :/ thank you for playing :)

Nice job! Great that you also have music and sound effects.
I found a little bug, I suppose, where I would fall several level below almost everytime wince the holes in the ground appear above each other very often.
Regarding sounds, there might be too many. Almost every action has a sound effect, which might be unnecessary.

Maybe it's misleading to say there are too many sounds, because they are all justified. But they are a bit unbalanced for sure, so tweaking the levels might be enough to make it less overwhelming.

Our audio guy joined with less than 2 days to go, so we were a bit hectic with having to refactor the code to support audio, didn't have enough time to do proper levelling as gameplay balance was more important to us

I understand that all sounds are justified in a way that each is attached to an action, but I still don't think each action has to have a distinct sound. Sometimes it's fine if a character doesn't produce a sound on landing, for example.

There's one famous video game reviewers (whose name evades me) who points that out in one of his reviews and I thought that it was a very valid feedback. 

And you're right, toning down some sounds can be enough to make it more organic.

Thank you :) that was an issue that could be fixed with a bit better floor spawning, I didn't have the time to make sure this didn't happen :( I could probably update it within a day, I just don't have the time :)